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Simply put, we fund house flippers.

If you have a non-owner occupied single family or multi-unit property that needs some TLC, Goldmine private loan is your source for financing. Our loans can be used for a number of things, including closing fees, purchase price and rehab costs. At Goldmine private loan, only interest is due during the term of the loan, which means you have more flexibility with your cash flow. Finish your project ahead of schedule, and payoff the loan early with no pre-penalty fee.

At Goldmine private loan, we know how to turn a loan request quickly into a closed loan. We typically fund 80% of the "as is" value of the property to be renovated, and our loans typically range from $50,000 to $2 million.
High Knob Road Athol, MA
Borrower: Laurel
Recent News: Extending Term
Close Date: 08-26-2011
A $55,800 loan enabled this buyer to fund the purchase and renovation of a 24-year old, split-level home.

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Elm Street Athol, MA
Borrower: David
Recent News: Nearing completion
Close Date: 10-07-2011
The purchase and renovation of this ranch-style home was funded with a loan of $82,800.

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South Main Street Athol, MA
Borrower: Chad
Recent News: Closed in 8 Days
Close Date: 12-28-2011
The $65,600 loan was used towards the purchase price and renovation of this multi-family residential unit.

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